About CarSalesJa.com

This website was designed specifically to help achieve your goal of buying and selling vehicle(s) and include some unique tools that will make this process friendly. We start off by providing a dynamic and safe website. Notice the shield in your browser indicating our full SSL website coverage. We follow up that with a clean mobile friendly responsive design with easy and effective search and filter options.

Features available when selling a vehicle

A login is required in order to post a vehicle for sale.

  1. Login with your social media identities (Facebook , Google, or Microsoft)
  2. You can also register an account using your email address and name
  3. Once you have registered an account, and you are login you can begin to add your vehicle
  4. Now jump into your garage from your top navigation
  5. Add New Vehicle, relating the important information for the buying public
  6. Manage Photos, add up to 12 high quality photos showcasing your beauty.
  7. Preview the vehicle and once you are satisfied
  8. Publish the vehicle so that the buying public can enjoy
  • Other options and features
  • Edit you vehicle information anytime you wish
  • Change photos based on requests from your contacts
  • View reports on views, likes and persons following your vehicles
  • Your followers are automatically notified when ever you make changes to photos, price and status (including being sold)
  • Logged in users will also be able recall your vehicle in a list if they Liked or are Following your vehicle

Features available when buying a vehicle

Why login when looking a vehicle to buy?

  1. Account creation is FREE!
  2. Account creation is easy
  3. Account creation only requires your name and an valid email address.
  4. Login with your social media identities (Facebook , Google, or Microsoft)
  5. Like a vehicle, you see a vehicle you like, then like it with our Like option
  6. You want to follow a vehicle and be notified of major changes to that listing, Follow that vehicle
  7. You will also be able to view a list of your vehicles liked and followed so you can quickly get back to them
  8. We have both system and email notifications available for vehicle change notifications
  • If you still don't want to login
  • You are free to browse anonymously
  • You can also like anonymously